Someone Decided To Let Trump Hand Out Candy To Small Children On Friday Because What Could Go Wrong?

Unfortunately, someone thought it was a good idea to invite the children of the White House press corps into the Oval Office on Friday.

The idea, apparently, was to create a photo op involving costumed kids receiving candy bars from a giant box on Trump’s desk, a decidedly creepy premise even if you assumed that nothing would go wrong.

Of course something did go wrong because that’s what happens anytime Donald Trump is involved in anything.


And really, whoever put this together should have known better. Because although you’d think it would be virtually impossible to screw up Halloween, we’re talking about someone who, just three months ago, got up on stage at a Boy Scout jamboree and proceeded to tell thousands of children that the nation’s capital is a disgusting “cesspool.”

Given that, you shouldn’t be entirely surprised to learn that after luring the children closer to him with the promise of free candy, Trump proceeded to ask if they knew who their own parents were. One Japanese child immediately started crying and seemed to become even more upset upon learning that Trump will actually be going to Japan next week.

Meanwhile, a miniature Princess Leia becomes noticeably uncomfortable with the whole spectacle, perhaps realizing that she’s about two feet away from a man who has threatened to start an intergalactic nuclear war on at least a half-dozen occasions this month.

And it only got worse from there, as Trump praised one child for “not having a weight problem” and then reached a truly absurd nadir when the President basically instructed the kids to avoid growing up to be like their “dishonest” parents. Here’s the clip:

Just let this resonate…



5 thoughts on “Someone Decided To Let Trump Hand Out Candy To Small Children On Friday Because What Could Go Wrong?

  1. He is disgusting, Stupid and disgusting. Clueless, stupid and disgusting.

    So the White House cannot even be bothered to present the candy in a better way — sit a cardboard box on his desk, “here take what you want, we have plenty”. You can see the kids do not feel comfortable with him, one is crying and none of them want to get close to him. That was absolutely awful.

    And then you look at the last picture and how tight that little girl is hugging President Obama…a picture is worth a thousand words.

  2. Sorry, Mr. H. As a fellow Trump detractor, that video showed me Trump as a normal human being for the first time. He and the kids were awkward, with a dozen cameras and lights located above their eve level, pointed in the faces. The kids knew they were some kind of props in a very unfamiliar and formal location, and were expected to behave, but not knowing what it was they were supposed to do, or say. Trump foolishly tried to be funny teasing the press, which evidently were kids’ parents.

    The still shot of Obama hugging the little girl with the Lincoln portrait in the background was the touchy feely set up photo op for which all politicians are legitimately criticized.

    Endangering the world with a nuclear war is a real issue; poorly relating to a set up with children from the press, is not.

    • I will bet you a million dollars, the whole thing was trump’s idea — good media for him, he thought – hahaha backfire! And no, the kids would have been excited about getting into their costumes and if mr. worthless had a clue he could easily have brought them out of their shells.

      There is nothing normal about trump, nothing.

  3. Children are very insightful. They are like pure insight on 2 legs. All they have are their feelings. This was actually the most terrifying trump video I have ever seen. This is a very dangerous and clever man. Very very clever and ruthless

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