Trump Demands ‘Loyalty’ From Boy Scouts, Blasts ‘Cesspool’, & Other Fun Videos

Donald Trump spent a lot of time with America's youth on Monday. As expected, he set a good example and his message was overwhelmingly positive. 

Donald Trump spent a lot of time with America’s youth on Monday.

As expected, he set a good example and his message was overwhelmingly positive.

Here’s a clip of Trump rolling his eyes and sticking his tongue out at a reporter who asks about Jeff Sessions during a photo op with a group of seemingly brainwashed White House interns who laugh maniacally in the background:

Here are the same Children of the Corn cackling, wide-eyed as Trump ominously advises a reporter who asks about healthcare to “be quiet”:

And then there was Trump standing in front of still more children explaining how Obamacare has “wreaked havoc” upon the “innocent” for the past “17 years”, which is weird because Obamacare hasn’t been around for 17 years:

Finally, here’s Trump telling thousands of Boy Scouts at their national “Jamboree” event that Washington is a “sewer” and a “cesspool.”

Oh wait, one more thing.

Here is the most unnerving clip of them all. Watch as Trump indoctrinates the Boy Scouts by explaining – much as he did to former FBI Director Comey – how he expects “loyalty”:



3 comments on “Trump Demands ‘Loyalty’ From Boy Scouts, Blasts ‘Cesspool’, & Other Fun Videos

  1. Marty says:

    Does the word despicable fully capture the mind, heart and behavior of this dullard, or does the word despicable only provide a whiff and a hint of what’s beneath a surface that at once shouts a black heart and fully corrupt mind? In every respect, wherever he puts himself he obviously intends to assure all “civilized society,” that he indeed mirrors the uncivilized product of millions of voters who acted, for disparate reasons, to elect the most heinous human being to the office of president of any western country in the last 100 years.

    It’s as if the godfather of an organized crime family criminal made every effort to win the presidency so that his crime operation could excel domestically and internationally with impunity while using the power of the presidency (to include the pardoning power), and with such brashness that he cares not that everyone witnesses his daily abnormal behavior.

    Maybe its a conspiracy theory, and maybe its not.

  2. Anonymous says:

    He does not hide that black heart very well – in fact, he seems to wear it like a badge of success! He takes such joy in demeaning people and tearing down America. This man has no soul. I need a bigger word than corrupt for him. I read that his sister The Judge has a similar personality.

    I also wonder how she feels about America’s opinion of her brother. About the only thing I know of her I got from this WaPo article in 2016.

    – Murphy

  3. Anonymous says:

    I read it here, which is good. But I’m very happy to avoid watching the video. This idiot is predictable, and not even interesting.

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