Of Secessionists And Populists: Across The Pond And Back Again

The stamina of the secessionists and the propitiation of the populists…


And To All A Good Night.

Don’t forget the eggnog.

‘More Misery’: Stocks Dive In Spain As Catalonia Persists In Fantasy It Is Independent State

Treasonous bastards are back.

Going To The Mattresses.

“How bad do you think it’s gonna be?”

Feelin’ Good In The Periphery As Bonds, Stocks Rally – Catalan Leader Nowhere To Be Found

Looks like all of that defiance dried up pretty quick.

Back To The Future.

It was a good day for the “future.”

A ‘Sad’ Rajoy Fires Puigdemont, Other Treasonous Bastards, Calls Elections In Catalonia

“It’s a sad day.”

Catalan Parliament Votes To Declare Independent State


‘Crisis’ Averted.

Now back to your regularly scheduled rally.

Spanish Stocks Soar On ‘Good’ Catalonia News

“They’re caught in a mousetrap. It seems their own decisions are producing vertigo.”

Spain’s Rajoy To Remove Treasonous Bastards, But Urges Catalonia To Think Of It Less Like A Suspension Of Autonomy And More Like ‘An Opportunity’

“People are removed who put the government outside the law, outside the constitution and outside statutes.”

Mild Turbulence.

Fasten your seatbelts.

If Someone Doesn’t Explain Why Stocks Are Lower, You Might Just Have To Buy Gold

In a testament to the fact that, contrary to what Mario Draghi said in Washington last weekend, investors do not in fact believe that stocks can go down as well as up, there’s a mad scramble on Thursday morning to explain what’s going on.

Markets Shudder Across The Globe As Worst Case Scenario Materializes In Spain

Now it gets interesting.

Defiant Catalonia Delivers ‘Invalid’ Response To Spain, Escalating Tensions

It seems like Article 155 is next. As of now, it’s not entirely clear what all that would entail, but the bottom line is that this just moved one step further in the direction of becoming an actual crisis with spillover potential.