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Close Your Eyes And Buy.

Don't worry about the orange man.

Don't worry about the orange man.
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7 comments on “Close Your Eyes And Buy.

  1. ‘Close Your Eyes And Buy.’
    RE: ain’t that the truth.

  2. No, those stink-bomb US stocks are really DOWN yet again – like they’ve been tumbling all year – in terms of almost every currency on earth except for the garbage US dollar, worst & weakest currency in the world.

    US stocks gained a meagre one-tenth of one percent today, while the dollar lost another half-cent today, down again to make it 5 consecutive days of losses.

    That means that US stocks actually LOST 0.4% today for 96% of humanity outside the US. The dollar is set to close today below a crucial support level, which thus portends another massive crash in the dollar even worse than its previous 20% collapse in the first 8 months of this year.

    As I’ve preached all year, SELL ALL US ASSETS! Indeed, they have fallen all year and are worst in the world.

    Instead buy eastern Asia or even dysfunctional Europe. Many Asian funds & indexes are now up 70+% this year, with currencies up another 20-35%, so effectively a double in terms of POS dollars. Clearly, the future is Asia (and so is the present).

    • Yep, gold’s rep as a hedge against inflation is rather bogus. It’s not a hedge against a market meltdown either, as gold drops when everything else is crashing. Gold is perhaps a hedge against government collapse. But that’s not in the cards anytime soon. Neither is a market meltdown, imho.

      As I posted recently, buy any bitcoin pullback as it’s going to new highs based on the chart. Very impressive recovery from the sell-off. Wish I’d bought more at $3000 last month. Will be a double within weeks.

  3. Does anyone get the annoying popup on this site? I get it on all browsers on my pc and safari on the iphone. And yes, I have popup blockers enabled.

    • Yes I get ad popups too… that’s just the small price we pay for the content. No worries. Carry on.

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