Trump’s ‘Unprecedented’ Stock Market Rally In One Chart

Trump’s ‘Unprecedented’ Stock Market Rally In One Chart

So Donald Trump likes to brag about the stock market. A lot. Which is funny because this would be the same stock market that just a little over a year ago, he called "artificial." That's the way this works. If he can take credit for it, it's real. If he can't, it's "fake" and "phony." Just ask Sean Spicer:   See how this works?   Of course Trump is right. The stock market is "artificial." And he wa
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One thought on “Trump’s ‘Unprecedented’ Stock Market Rally In One Chart

  1. but all the spineless useless lefty snowflakes should be thrilled if he names gutless pukey powell to fed chair.

    wtf, might as well just crown china as top dog in the world then as it thus becomes inevitable.

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