Legends Of The Summer

For obvious reasons, market participants are obsessed with the blockbuster rally in US tech, which found the Nasdaq 100 trading at a 30% premium to its 200-day moving average prior to last week's abrupt selloff. Flashy headlines abound, from retail investor manias to Apple's push above the $2 trillion valuation threshold to Tesla's mind-bending surge to epic post-earnings rallies for Salesforce and Zoom. This contributes to parabolic wealth creation for the world's richest, while the fundamenta

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8 thoughts on “Legends Of The Summer

  1. I seem to recall a quip from one of the articles here on Heisenberg Report regarding how America has already exceeded its capacity for history in 2020. And yet, between the election, a rapidly expanding cold war with China, and the possibility of further civil and economic dislocations, it appears certain that yet more history is in store for the United States this year.

    1. God never presided over mankind….. The idea of god will live forever, but all gods come and go.
      History of mankind is “My god is better than your god and he said I should kill you and have your stuff.”
      That is when gods die.

  2. Bill Barr will not be around to pursue any meaningful action against Google. In fact, come February 2021, Bill Barr better probably should have the cell number of a good lawyer at the top of his speed dial.

  3. I’m sure the last official action Trump will take while officially in office (if he ever leaves) will be to pardon, Barr, himself, and a host of other family and friends past and present, from any federal crime prosecution.

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