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Kanye Shrug.

And that's the week.

And that's the week.
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9 comments on “Kanye Shrug.

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  2. omg so much fun! Horseface Huckabee — I opened that tweet chain and laughed all the way thru — some really funny people out there – shredded her! Every thing I hate about here was depicted in that chain! from her weird eyes, droopy eyelid, horrible eye makeup, those damned pearls, her hideous wardrobe — so much! I miss Sean Spicer!

    Also, that shot of Tom Cook, his face shot and expression sure reminds me of the same enthusiasm as Ben Carson.

    Ok, I admit it, I am in a nasty mood today! hahaha!

  3. Heis, Trump not Presidential? — Geez. Forget the tweets. look at the economic numbers! ( not the market)
    Nunes – no smoke screen- FBI and DOJ totally corrupted under Comey and Lynch. You have to admit that things have gotten much better since Pres. Trump arrived. 49% of populace voted Trump. Must tell you something huh?

    • yeah, it tells me a lot of people are morons.

      also, the economic numbers have almost nothing to do with Trump, would you would know if you simply looked at some charts of the unemployment rate and/or quarterly GDP growth. there is nothing unprecedented about GDP growth under Trump and the economy was already at full employment (basically) when he was elected. Additionally, the Dow was up more during Obama’s first 11 months in office (from inauguration through Dec. 20) than it was during Trump’s first 11 months in office. Finally, none of this has anything to do with Trump or Obama and everything to do with the Fed. So please, just stop. You don’t know what you’re talking about and you’re talking to someone who actually has formal training in politics and business and who is staring as I write this at actual degrees in both hanging on the wall.

      • figured him out long ago — a dumbass troll

      • Heis,
        Like recency bias, you’re allowing your political bias to cloud your otherwise sage insights. Tax bill passage done under Trump Adminisration – can’t argue with ensuing results thus far. I agree Fed has really turned “normal market action” on it’s head and reversion to mean will likely be ugly, traumatic for many. Does FORMAL training mean sitting in a classroom listening to left-leaning profs who couldn’t handle life in the real world of business so they teach? I’m digging out my degrees when I finish this!

  4. * * * “Additionally, the Dow was up more during Obama’s first 11 months in office (from inauguration through Dec. 20) than it was during Trump’s first 11 months in office.” * * *

    Why would you bother saying that? I’ve seen you call out analysts for ‘chart abuse’ but yet you just did the same thing. It is apples and oranges … after the US equities markets tanked with the Great Financial Crisis, there was nowhere to go but up … the markets went up based on Obama’s economic ‘bona fides’ (“cash for clunkers” and “shovel ready jobs”)??? Ha!

    Obviously in Trump’s case it is because ‘this time is different’ … there’s $18 Trillion (or whatever it is) of Central Bank balance sheet expansion that didn’t exist on Jan 20, 2009; and, Algos and Strats (et al) have run amok over the same period …

    I do not credit T with the idiocy that has continued since his election … it is just that–idiocy.

    But, you deserve to be called on that BS line …

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