The Good Old Days.

The Good Old Days.

Listen, back in the "old days" stocks rose when the news was "good", ok? So I don't what the hell is going on "these days" when stocks crash after everyone hears  "good" news, but whatever is going on needs to stop right now, because if it doesn't, well then, Jerome Powell is going to end up with his own derisive Twitter nickname, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is going to start insisting that "Dow Jones" was just an "intern", and Trump is going to tell everyone that he barely knew Mr. Naz Dak who was
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10 thoughts on “The Good Old Days.

  1. Absolutely love the post. I wonder why Trump has not come out and said that the market is falling because of fake news. That seems to be his statement for everything.

  2. The Parade. Well that is just perfect for our “Liar in Chief” to play dress-up and put more medals on his bigly chest and show those ev-vil North Koreans who is crazier. Right now it is a coin toss……..

  3. art/int
    i like the 10 mil glok–if i am not mistaken it is the preferred weapon of the navy seals. well that’s back in the early 2000/2004.
    either way i like the ten mill.
    as far as DTShit goes–just that–he could singelly bring down the market and it wouldn’t surprise me. but the fed won’t let it happen–intel the bond vigilantes take control–that includes non-buyers like ch, jp. and other carry traders. formerly known as xiv longs–hahaha.
    that was really funny–poor bastards.

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