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David Stockman: The Bottom Is Definitely Not In

Flush. Rinse. Repeat. BTFD!

Flush. Rinse. Repeat. BTFD!
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1 comment on “David Stockman: The Bottom Is Definitely Not In

  1. “That’s not what we are supposed to be doing”, well …..yea……Jimmy boy. Nobody and I mean nobody is talking about this in congress, a lot of hmmm, hawwww, dems spend too much, repubs yell about getting our fiscal house in order as they spend like drunk’in sailors. Corporations write there own bills and scream about passing their SH*T or you are gone, and we let them get away with it.

    The real deal is coming and everyone will pay the price. This will be no short time fix with a little extra spending and wal-la, all is OK now. We are looking at many years of pain and a lot of desperate people really hurting with lots of pitchforks coming out looking for someone to blame (right or wrong trump has set himself up for this one, bigly, the dumbsh*t)

    Ugly? You bet the militarization of our metro police forces and a banking crisis are a terrible recipe for disaster. Get out of as much debt as you can and buy some physical gold and silver (you can always use it as a doorstop it everything is just fine). This is going to be very, very bad.

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