Grab a pitchfork.
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3 comments on “Storm The Castle.

  1. uh oh, here’s his “out” on the DACA promise McConnell spoke about — (a statement attributed to the President reads) “We will make a long term deal if and only if it’s good for our country.”

    Further more, from Heis: “That last bit is characteristic of Trump. He wants his support base to believe that he is the arbiter of what’s “good for the country”. More importantly, the implication there is that Democrats want what’s “bad” for the country, an absurd contention for obvious reasons.”

    Oh, yeah, it’s a set-up, he will renege and say it wan’t good for our country – the man’s a cheat and he will smile that nasty smirk.

  2. Fortunately there is a large moat of imbecility surrounding the Castle. Perhaps they would be better off starting to learn Spanish? Nuts. I’m confussed, for sure. r.

    • I bet some of those DACA youths don’t even speak Spanish. Intelligent educated hardworking successful people. Served in US Military. Pay taxes. They are not leeches as trump thinks they are. He is a racist, pure and simple. He gets his thrills from hurting people. He is a sick prick.

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