What Would A Government Shutdown Mean For Markets? Goldman Explains

Even if we avert a shutdown this week, things will be worse next month for the following three reasons…


Lindsey Graham On Trump’s DACA Negotiation Strategy: ‘This Is A Shitshow’

Any questions?

Trump: ‘VERY DANGEROUS’ Mexicans Still Bringing Drugs, Need ‘Great’ WALL!

Of course none of this is even remotely true. But that won’t matter to his brainwashed supporters. 

DACA Schoen: Full Week Ahead Preview

All eyes on (geo)politics. And Canada. Of course.

Trump Wakes Up, Says Democrats Don’t Want DACA, Are Trying To Rob The Military

Well, it’s “Executive Time” for Donald Trump and you know what that means, right?

What Could Go Wrong? Full Week Ahead Preview

Buckle up, this could be a bumpy ride.

Pelosi, Schumer: Let’s Not Kick Jessica And Javier Out Of The Country, Ok?

“…including 70% of respondents who approve of Donald Trump’s job performance, according to a CNN poll released this week.”

Janet Napolitano: Here’s Why I’m Suing The Trump Administration

“I recognize that it is unusual for a former Cabinet official to sue the agency she once led. It may be even more unusual to challenge as unconstitutional, unjust and unlawful the elimination of a program originally established by the plaintiff — me — in this litigation.”

Krugman: How Destroying DACA Puts The U.S. Economy On The Japan Track

“The truth is that letting the Dreamers work legally helps the U.S. economy; pushing them out or into the shadows is bad for everyone except racists. To understand why, you need to realize that America, like other advanced economies, is facing a double-barreled demographic challenge thanks to declining fertility.”

Death By A Thousand Cuts.

The bottom line is that between another powerful hurricane approaching the U.S. mainland, U.S. markets catching up with their global counterparts in terms of pricing in North Korea after the long weekend, the DACA decision which portends more bickering in Washington, and the looming debt ceiling debate (with the specter of a technical default showing up in today’s decidedly poor 4-week bill auction), it was death by a thousand cuts.

Stocks Fall, VIX Spikes As DACA News Adds To List Of Worries

It’s safe to say that the market is pricing in some kind of political risk around the administration’s highly contentious decision to end DACA. This was of course predictable (both the rescinding of the program and the political firestorm it will invariably engender), but this looks like a bridge too far for U.S. equities that…

DACA Decision Immediately Met With Furious Rebuke From All Corners

But as we put it on Monday, Trump is a man who has made a habit out of doing his best Plaxico Burress impression.

Thank God For Harvey? How A Natural Disaster May Have Averted A Fiscal Disaster

Whatever the case, the assumption here is that this will get done come hell or high water (with the latter having already arrived in Texas and the former well on its way between North Korea and Irma).

Trump’s DACA Decision Could Be Political Suicide

Let’s just step back from the moral depravity for a second and think about this from a purely strategic perspective.

Yes, there’s a kinda, sorta deadline for this decision thanks to 10 states that have threatened to sue the government if it doesn’t stop protecting people brought into the country illegally as children. But obviously Trump isn’t obliged to heed that threat. He could take that risk in the interest of not igniting another racially-charged, political firestorm just weeks after he threw gasoline on the firestorm his bungled response to Charlottesville created by pardoning Joe Arpaio. 

‘A One-Way Trip Back To The Shadows’: What Trump’s Dreamers Decision Really Means

“In some of the cases they’re having DACA and they’re gang members and they’re drug dealers too. But you have some absolutely incredible kids, I would say mostly.”