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Lindsey Graham On Trump’s DACA Negotiation Strategy: ‘This Is A Shitshow’

Any questions?

Did you hear “shithole”? Because Dick Durbin heard “shithole.”

And as you’re probably aware by now, Donald Trump doesn’t like the fact that Dick Durbin heard “shithole” and then told everyone else what he heard. So irritated is Donald Trump with Durbin that he gave him a Trump-ish Twitter nickname: “Dicky”. So now we’ve got: “Liddle Bob”, “Sneaky Dianne”, “Sloppy Steve”, “Crooked Hillary”, “Lyin’ Ted”, “Little Rocket Man”, and “Dicky Durbin”. Oh, and “Stable Genius”.

Over the past couple of days, Trump allies have done their best to insist that the word “shithole” was not in fact used in a bipartisan meeting aimed at crafting a workable solution to the immigration “problem”. And we put “problem” in scare quotes there because really, it wasn’t a “problem” before Trump made it one and if it was a problem before, Trump has made it immeasurably worse.


One Trump ally (albeit a Johnny-come-lately to that camp) who hasn’t changed his mind about what the President said is Sen. Lindsey Graham. Specifically, Graham told a The Post And Courier that his “memory hasn’t evolved”, in what the paper calls “a direct jab at Sens. Tom Cotton and David Perdue.”

Well on Tuesday, Graham took another jab at Trump in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. First, have a listen to how Kirstjen’s exchange with Durbin went: 

That comes a couple of days after she literally broke out in bright red hives when asked about the whole “shithole” thing on Fox:

For his part, Graham has seen and heard just about enough of this and in the same hearing mentioned above, he summed things up as follows:

This has turned into a shitshow.

Nothing further.



2 comments on “Lindsey Graham On Trump’s DACA Negotiation Strategy: ‘This Is A Shitshow’

  1. Ok, I watched it all, heard it all, and Graham made a solid point when he stated that something happened, someone talked to our Genius and within a couple hours he had gone from all is great to we don’t want these people from shithole countries – clearly indicating that someone said something to Genius to make him change his wee mind. Well, that is not OK. Who in the hell needs a Head of the entire America that can make a switchback like this in a couple of hours? And in such a profane angry manner? From “just needs to be done with Love” to “Shithole” countries? That is not the sign of a STABLE GENIUS!! Emphasis on STABLE. Can we even imagine what he would do if someone threatened to release a video of peeing prostitutes … ?

  2. Remember how John Kerry was attacked and undermined for being a “flip flopper?” Flip Flopping was a slip and slide compared to the high speed Roller Coaster that our supreme leader has the country on.

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