Did You Hear ‘Shithole’? Because Dick Durbin Heard ‘Shithole’

Did You Hear ‘Shithole’? Because Dick Durbin Heard ‘Shithole’

On Friday morning, Donald Trump stopped beating around the African Bush. For the past oh, call it 18 hours, the President has been binge tweeting in an effort to distract America following reports that, during a meeting with lawmakers ostensibly aimed at crafting bi-partisan immigration legislation, he called Haiti, El Salvador and the entire continent of Africa "shitholes." Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking there's absolutely no way that this President who, throughout his firs
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5 thoughts on “Did You Hear ‘Shithole’? Because Dick Durbin Heard ‘Shithole’

  1. I ask the question, “Who else heard the President use this word”? If no one else then why do we believe this one person whose party has done everything their power to discrete the President. Including paying for a false document filled with lies. They were the ones involved with the Russians and tried to fix the election. Bring forth another witness!!!!!

  2. Of course he said it – hell, a jury of 12 would convict him on what we know to be true in this case and everything else we know about this man – sorry, I should not use the word man, how about this cretin.

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