Trump: ‘Why Do We Want People From These Shithole Countries?’

And the hits just keep on comin'. Earlier this year, the Washington Post leaked transcripts of Donald Trump's January calls with Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. There were so many punchlines from those transcripts that it was almost impossible to make an exhaustive list of them. Indeed, pretty much everything Trump said to Nieto and Turnbull was a zinger. Here's a fun graphic that recalls a few of the "better" soundbites: One thing that A
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7 thoughts on “Trump: ‘Why Do We Want People From These Shithole Countries?’

  1. Clearly unacceptable behavior from any president – not that shocking from this jackass! What is equally disgusting is it appears not one person in that room stood up to him? Why the hell not? It’s not like he can have you beheaded for telling him that comment is unacceptable and out of line! Bunch of pansy asses that sit there and allow that and even have a conversation once that falls out of his mouth! None of you should be in the White House!

  2. Yeahbut there’s no denying that “Haiti” and “Africa” are shitholes. But so is the United States, albeit less so, and that’s why nobody from half the countries in the world that are better places to be than the US would ever move there – including the folks from “Norway”. And just to be clear, “shithole” status isn’t new to the US; it’s been accumulating since at least two administrations ago. The difference now is that the US is so deep into its shithole, banana-republic status that it’s past the point of possible return. Rather, the US and its residents are like a swarm of bugs hovering over a highway unaware of the oncoming windshield… SPLAT!

    1. I have a lot of issues with your comments and not nearly enough time, space nor energy to put them in print at this time! Let me just say this … the discussion about this subject centers on the words from the president’s mouth and his disrespect of all of us and the entire world, no regard for reactions, making it clear he is unfit and a disgusting human being.

      How dare you try and make this a debate about the quality of this United States and throw in other presidents that had some kind of weird effect on how or why this idiot had the right to speak such language. I dare say you too appear to be a fucking moron.

      1. The truly frightening aspect of the Trump presidency is the fact that a solid 1/3 of Americans agree with him.

        I don’t have enough derogatory adjectives in my vocabulary to adequately describe this shit-hole orange monkey masquerading as a human.

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