Trump Transcripts: ‘Drug-Infested Dens,’ ‘Dump’y White Houses, And One ‘Pleasant’ Putin

Ok, so the thing you have to understand about Trump is that he eludes satire. The man is a marvel when it comes to saying things that are so unbelievably ridiculous that all attempts to lampoon them invariably fall woefully short of the statements that are being lampooned. We are, after all, talking about a man who recently got up in front of thousands of Boy Scouts at a national jamboree event and told them their nation's capital is a steaming pile of shit. Later, when asked by Gerard Baker,

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2 thoughts on “Trump Transcripts: ‘Drug-Infested Dens,’ ‘Dump’y White Houses, And One ‘Pleasant’ Putin

  1. Let’s be fair. You are witnessing the writing of a
    new chapter for his forthcoming blockbuster ..

    The Art of the Deal: A Sequel

    Chapter 1: Begging Your Way to the Biggest Deals

    Chapter 2: Let Them Hear You Sweat

    Chapter 3: Disclose All Your Weaknesses

    Chapter 4: Be Clear About Your Shame and Embarrassment

    Chapter 5: It’s Best When They Know You’re in a Horrible Position

    Chapter 6: Let Them Know The Deal is All About You

    Chapter 7: Telegraph You’ll Take Anything

    Epilogue: It’s not as much an art as it is a con
    that you hope to get away with. Just make sure
    your victim is easily duped like those I targeted
    at Trump University or Republicans in the election.

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