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Trump Warns ‘Caravans’ Of Crazy Mexicans ‘Are Coming’, Says NO MORE DACA DEAL!’


Early Sunday morning, we asked the following question in a fairly lengthy piece about the state of the President’s disappearing inner circle:

Is this something we should be worried about? That is, is it safe to leave Trump to his own devices when it comes to directing policy with no direction whatsoever from people who know what they’re talking about?

Our answer:

Of course it isn’t.

That brings us neatly to Trump’s second Easter Sunday tweet.


He kicked things off on a positive note by screaming this at 50 million people:

But somewhere between 8:27 a.m. ET and 9:56 a.m. ET he lost that holiday spirit because this is what we got next:


Ok, so clearly he’s watching some kind of cable news or otherwise listening to people he shouldn’t be listening to, because you can be absolutely sure he didn’t just pull “Caravans” (capitalized for no reason whatsoever) out of his ass. He heard that somewhere this morning and now he’s parroting it on Twitter. It’s just like the “sacks of stuff” story he used to explain why the wall needs to be “see-through.”

Oh wait, here it is:

Beyond that, this is just an extension of his growing frustration with everyone slow playing him on the wall. According to reports out late this week, the President is at wit’s end with this because, as you know, 15 months after the inauguration, his “big beautiful wall” is just 8 prototypes gathering dust in the San Diego desert. And speaking of those prototypes (which he visited a couple of weeks ago hours before he told a group of soldiers that he’s thinking about building a literal army of intergalactic marines), the initial construction phase was plagued by absurdity including, according to border officials who spoke to the press back in October, “a half-dozen would-be migrants hopping the existing fence and landing smack in the middle of the project.”

Apparently sick of being made a fool of, Trump is now floating the idea of having the Pentagon fund the wall on the excuse it’s necessary for “national security”.  That’s a slippery slope because it represents yet another instance of him using “national security” to justify unilateral action (the other being the steel and aluminum tariffs) and it raises questions about just what else he’ll try and do based on the same flimsy appeal to America’s safety.

As noted earlier this week, we should have seen the military wall funding idea coming because i) he tweeted about it, and ii) he spent the entire press conference convened for the signing of the spending bill talking about how much extra money the military was getting.

And so here we are on Easter Sunday and he’s actually trying to scare Americans into supporting his push to use Pentagon funds to build this wall by tweeting about “Caravans” of Mexicans streaming into the U.S.

Then on top of that, DACA recipients get an all-caps “FUCK YOU” in their Easter basket today. As a reminder, this is the same Trump who, just a little over a week ago, claimed that the reason he wanted to veto the spending bill was because he’s so concerned about DACA. What happened to that?

He continued, threatening to cancel NAFTA again if Mexico doesn’t stanch “the flow”:

We’re reasonably sure this is going to continue all day and probably into this evening.

Maybe he can trot out Christina Hagan and the World War Z clip to scare everyone some more…


7 comments on “Trump Warns ‘Caravans’ Of Crazy Mexicans ‘Are Coming’, Says NO MORE DACA DEAL!’

  1. Tom Swift

    Whadda moron, of course there are caravans of migrants crossing the border. One showed up yesterday at my farm in NC to plant the slips (transplants) for the Roma’s (tomato) fields. Another will show up in Fancy Gap Wednesday to start on the Blue Lakes (beans).
    At $13.76/hr min. and a guaranteed 30 hours a week, you would think a few American citizens would want to get some cash work. But Noooo, it’s too hard.
    The USA has earned the right to fail, like the Romans, Chinese, Portuguese, Spaniards, French, English,…. It’s so predictable. Our high-level autistic President(?) my fellow Americans elected is only the beginning of the cliff.

    • monkfelonious

      When I was in college in SoCal (Cucamonga), I tried to earn some extra coin picking grapes and lemons. It was far and away the hardest work I’ve ever done; I only lasted days at both. Being a source of amusement to the bracero’s, that could bury me output wise, was rather humbling for this honky boy.

  2. Dana Newman

    This video admonishes Americans that they will lose their country if they let fanaticism and hatred turn them into “suckers.”

    Don’t Be a Sucker (1947)

  3. Our ‘stable genius’ is becoming less ‘stable.’ He demonstrated he never really supported DACA ‘victims’ as he refused to sign the bi-partisan Agreement on DACA he said he’d sign.

    He never realized that when the Mexican Wall was first suggested to him, it was a ‘rhetorical’ wall.

    Last week at a faux rally (in Ohio, I think) to get away from his White House chaos and problems, he said the proponents of the Keystone XL Pipeline never even phoned to thank him (or kiss his ring). Perhaps that’s because the CEO of the proponent, Trans Canada Pipe Lines was standing beside him after the signing ‘ceremony,’ thanked Trump profusely, and shook his hand vigorously. Trump, the man with “one of the best memories in the world” couldn’t remember the company name or the thank you. He just makes shit up, as perhaps he can’t remember (or face) the truth.

    As for Trumps threat (desire) to divert military funds to order the Pentagon to build the Wall on the pretext of defense, it’s absurd. Not only would US farmers not have enough labor, as noted by the first comment, above, it would remove US Military modernization funds needed to offset Putin’s increasingly belicose threats to the West.

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