Trump: We’re Going To Mars Soon, ‘Maybe Need Space Force’

Donald Trump has had one helluva day, even by Trump standards.

He fired Rex Tillerson but didn’t tell him about it, leaving Rex to deduce it from this tweet:

He re-hired John McEntee as a senior adviser for campaign operations just a day after that same John McEntee was escorted from 1600 Penn. after being denied a security clearance (something about online gambling and tax “issues”).

He fired the under secretary of state for public affairs, Steve Goldstein, in what was either retribution for Goldstein’s public claim that Tillerson was blindsided by this morning’s news or just an effort to get rid of anyone who has ever had anything to do with Rex (the President would later claim that he’s been “talking [to Rex] about this a long time” and that he and Tillerson “were not really thinking the same [on Iran]”).

Then, having shaken up the State Department and thoroughly confused the shit out of everyone, he flew out to San Diego to inspect his border wall prototypes. Just watch this and try not to laugh:


As funny as that most assuredly is, you can’t truly appreciate how absurd the wall situation has become unless you review the recent history of these prototypes. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Do yourself a favor and read “‘It Was Never Going To Happen’: Trump’s Border Wall Still Just 8 Prototypes In The Desert” and especially “‘6 Mexicans Landed Smack In The Middle Of It’: Stories From The Site Of Trump’s Wall Prototypes.”

Well believe it or not, none of that is the most ridiculous thing Trump said/did on Tuesday. After checking out his sweet wall prototypes, he gave a speech to some soldiers and in that speech, he actually suggested that he’s thinking of building a team of space marines called “Space Force”.


And here it is slowed down, because I cannot imagine anything funnier than Trump talking about building a space army in drunken slow motion:


There’s not much we could possibly say to enhance the comedic value there, but what we do want to submit is that just a year ago, lots of folks were asking something akin to this question: “oh, come on, how bad can he possibly be as President?”

Fast forward a year, and this is an actual Bloomberg headline:


Nothing further from us.

But there’s plenty more from Twitter…


4 thoughts on “Trump: We’re Going To Mars Soon, ‘Maybe Need Space Force’

  1. I took the challenge and tried not to laugh at the first video. I failed when he started talking about professional mountain climbers being able to get over some the walls.

  2. That is some funny stuff. I would send a link for my buddies to take a look at the slow roll you did, (A masterpiece in my opinion) but it would make their pussies hurt. You know, because they are Trump pussies.

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