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Hard Rexit.

Let's see, where do we start with the crazy?

Let's see, where do we start with the crazy?
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6 comments on “Hard Rexit.

  1. Until now I figured the GOP to be business friendly, supportive of our allies and deficit hawks. What next?

  2. GOP no longer stands for Grand Old Party. It stands for Graft Oligarchs & Payoffs.

  3. Jamal James

    McEntee was immediately hired by Trump’s campaign. They don’t worry about serious financial crimes. Reportedly, anyone exiting the White House will be hired by the campaign, as long as they remain loyal. Maybe Rob Porter could be assigned to shore up the women’s vote.

  4. Way to go Jamal, excellent. The revolving door of madness continues and the China tariffs are coming soon to a store near you. Inflation, “we don’t need no stinking badges”. The “Liar in Chief” our own Prez Dennison is now viewing the only wall that will be built it is about 30 ft.long and sits not on any border and never will.

    Here is a sample of how our southern neighbors feel about this sh*t.


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