Here’s ‘The Friendliest Lawsuit Ever Filed Against The FBI’

“Last month, I sued the Justice Department in what I described as perhaps the friendliest lawsuit ever filed against it. Yesterday, I filed an equally friendly suit—this time against the FBI.”


‘Life Is Too Short To Rebut All The Idiocy’, But About Sanders And Comey…

“This is what it looks like when the White House itself plays in these waters. It’s the stuff of petty strong-man dictatorships for the President to pronounce an individual guilty of a crime without having to proffer any evidence, offer a legal theory, or convince a jury.”

Mueller Has Copy Of Unsent Trump Letter Detailing Reason For Comey Firing: NYT

“The May letter had been met with opposition from Donald F. McGahn II, the White House counsel, who believed that some of its contents were problematic.”

“Fuck My Life”: Trump Aides Respond To Comey Conspiracy Tweets

“At least that’s behind us.” When alerted to his apparent suspicions of Oval Office surveillance, the official replied in a text message, “fml.”

WaPo: Trump Now Under Investigation For Obstruction Of Justice

Well, if Donald Trump didn’t want to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, he goddamn sure wants to now, because the Washington Post, citing five unnamed sources, is out reporting that the President is for all intents and purposes under investigation for obstruction of justice. “The special counsel overseeing the investigation into Russia’s role in the…

The Hill: “If Trump Fires Robert Mueller, He Will Be Impeached”

“If Trump does fire Mueller, it would be a virtual admission of guilt in the eyes of huge numbers of Americans.”

FBI Counter-intelligence Agent Reveals The “Most Explosive Aspect” Of Comey Testimony

” In the nine times Trump met with or called Comey, it was always to discuss how the investigation into Russia’s election interference was affecting him personally, rather than the security of the country. He apparently cared little about understanding either the magnitude of the Russian intelligence threat, or how the FBI might be able to prevent another attack in future elections.”

Trump: Comey A “Coward,” Working People Should Be Happy About Soaring Nasdaq

“Cowardly” Comey and look at that Nasdaq!

Video: Trump “Didn’t Say That” To Comey. But It’s Fine If He Did. But He Didn’t.

I didn’t say that.

I will tell you that I didn’t say that.

And there’d be nothing wrong if I did say it according to everybody that I’ve read today.

But I did not say that.

Video: Clapper Says Comey Testimony “Damning” For Trump, President Is “Assaulting” America

“The President himself has undertaken assaults on our institutions.”

Trump Says “Totally Vindicated” By FBI Director Calling Him Unhinged Liar, Thanks Fox

So on Thursday, James Comey explained what it’s like to work for the mafia. The boss “needs loyalty,” and indeed, the boss “expects loyalty.” If you don’t pledge your loyalty, you will be killed. Left in the back of an abandoned Lincoln. Or maybe a Cadillac (“it’s got more room for your legs“). “Sleeping with…

Comey Satire: “I Heard Someone Screaming, And Then A Big Crash”

“The sound was consistent with that of a large object, such as a television set, being thrown through a closed window,” a Secret Service spokesman said.

Comey Takeaway: Sen. Jim Risch Would Make A Terrible Hitman

Boss of family: “I wouldn’t mind if Johnny Roast Beef ended up at the bottom of a river.” 

Risch: “I’m not sure I get what you’re driving at, sir.”

James Comey Got Whacked, The Question Is “Do We Care?”

“Despite this sparseness, or maybe I should say because of it, it is the most shocking single document compiled about the official conduct of the public duties of any President since the release of the Watergate tapes.”

Trader: “The Problem Is Ours”

“James Comey’s testimony has been portrayed as the making or breaking of the current presidency. Total vindication or that Perry Mason moment when he tearfully breaks down under questioning, repudiates his opening statement and confesses all. No one listening in today is going to budge one inch in their appraisal of our state of affairs.”