Here’s ‘The Friendliest Lawsuit Ever Filed Against The FBI’

**************************** By Benjamin Wittes as published on Lawfare, September 14 Last month, I sued the Justice Department in what I described as perhaps the friendliest lawsuit ever filed against it. Yesterday, I filed an equally friendly suit–this time against the FBI. The purpose is the same: to show conclusively that President Trump and his White House staff are lying about career federal law enforcement officers, their actions, and their attitudes. The first suit seeks to show,

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2 thoughts on “Here’s ‘The Friendliest Lawsuit Ever Filed Against The FBI’

  1. In a name-only democratic government whose central organizational – it’s Constitution – is violated daily by those elected and legally responsible to uphold it, is there any hope that proving the current administration “bald face” liars about the FBI is going to accomplish anything? After all, there is a long list of demonstrable and of record (both written and video recorded) – lies by the Trump and his cadre WH accomplices and enablers. Even Trump supporters know he is a pathological liar and it does matter them one whit.

    As a nation, we have mutated from our original form, structure, goals and ideals. I’m not talking about healthy and necessary change. Mutation in this use means – non-functional change and therefore is non-beneficial change. Now, our mutated form of government no longer allows efficient necessary and beneficial change. All proposed change is polarized into being for or against some political ideology – most of which had no scientific basis, but rather based on social philosophies – hodgepodges of non-reproducible and or testable ideas. Worse we have decision makers that have no clue about what the last 5,000 years of civilization has taught societies – over and over. We need far better informed and experienced leaders in effective governance. We need far more informed voters to pick them – where voting is an earned demonstrably informed privilege – and not a right awarded to all living citizens in good standing. Not achieving this greater efficiency of and in governance, not evolving means that we will be doomed to repeat past civilizations historic collapses.

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