Trump: Comey A “Coward,” Working People Should Be Happy About Soaring Nasdaq

Oh, good.

Donald Trump is all “covfefe’d” up on Sunday morning and that can only mean one thing: tweets. Lots of them.

For someone who thinks he was “totally vindicated” by James Comey’s testimony, Trump sure seems fixated on it.

It’s almost as if he realizes what the vast majority of Americans realize: Comey described a president that i) is a habitual liar, ii) is unhinged, iii) is engaged in the obstruction of justice and iv) very well might have tried to effectively extort an FBI Director.

A couple of days after dancing around press questions about whether or not he was prepared to prove that he did indeed have “tapes” of his conversations with Comey (after the former FBI Director effectively called Trump’s bluff), Twitter Trump decided the best way to cheer the nation up on Sunday morning was to call Comey a coward and (question mark) a criminal:

That came after proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he doesn’t truly understand the plight of the working people he claims to represent.

Check this out:

That’s right! Because nothing helps working people like a soaring (and on Friday “crashing”) Nasdaq! 

Obviously it hasn’t occurred to Trump (just like it didn’t occur to Ben Bernanke) that when you inflate the assets most likely to be concentrated in the hands of the rich, all you’re doing is exacerbating the wealth divide.

But it got better (or “worse”, depending on how you want to look at it).

Trump went on to make the same ridiculous mistake as Fox news by trying to take credit for an unemployment rate that he had absolutely nothing to do with:

So there you go folks.

Don’t say you haven’t had your “covfefe” this morning.


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5 thoughts on “Trump: Comey A “Coward,” Working People Should Be Happy About Soaring Nasdaq

  1. Speaking of regulations……how does this idiot think that all these regulations came to be and why?

    Someone just sat in a room over many years of time and thought up all the ways to cause rich people to lose money and contractors to do a job in a prescribed and controlled manner and how to slow progress down to a crawl and delay jobs completion that interferes with how many they can do in a few months – all of which is designed to ….. to do what and why? For absolutely no reason? Is it really all that important to build a bridge that does not collapse? Most water is probably clean enough? The oxygen we breathe is not even visible so why does it need to be protected? So a few fish die, there are millions of fish. Don’t we know the more construction there is, the more jobs there are, the more immigrants that have work.

    Regulations, smegulations, who needs it?

    – Murphy

    1. So maybe the guy in the back room needs to work harder to lower cost for equipment, manpower, supplies, ya know, that sort of thing…..instead of erasing regulations and epa guidelines that protect the human beings who live in the world. Do you suggest we make human sacrifices from our families so you can make more money in a quicker time frame?

      What is really comical to me is the contradiction of ‘buy only American made products’ however they cost much more than importing inferior pipe that costs much less from China. And the contractor opts to hire the much less expensive immigrant labor — that Trump insists be barred from our country — hire American. And the same moron wants to shred the epa and all regulations ……. and he is a good smart business man? I think not.

      Oh, P.S. ask him who he hired to build this buildings and from where the material were purchased.

  2. I wish he would make list of all important positions he has filled with people with Russian ties. He should make it possible for us all to deduct the cost of taking Russian Language classes from our tax bills. I might be one of a few who are concerned but later maybe more will be.

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