Trump Says “Totally Vindicated” By FBI Director Calling Him Unhinged Liar, Thanks Fox

So on Thursday, James Comey explained what it’s like to work for the mafia.

The boss “needs loyalty,” and indeed, the boss “expects loyalty.”

If you don’t pledge your loyalty, you will be killed. Left in the back of an abandoned Lincoln. Or maybe a Cadillac (“it’s got more room for your legs“). “Sleeping with the fishes.” “Whacked.” “Off’d.” Or in Comey’s case, summarily fired for no reason.

The boss will give you subtle hints about what he wants you to do. For instance, the boss “hopes” you’ll “let it go.” The boss “wouldn’t mind” if our friend in Jersey “took a vacation”. “Maybe” someone needs to go “talk” to the capo that didn’t make last week’s vig.

You know, that kind of thing.

Despite the fact that what we heard yesterday sounded like it came right out of a Cosa Nostra RICO case, we’re apparently going to need the Oval Office equivalent of the Ravenite Social Club tapes (“I – me – John Gotti, will sever your fucking head off!”) in order to impeach this orange monkey.

Because as you’ve probably noticed over the past 12 hours, somehow Trump’s supporters managed to get “vindication” from Thursday’s rather devastating testimony.

And while Trump has been stingy with the tweets, he couldn’t help himself on Friday morning (especially after Comey called him a “liar” on multiple occasions, even suggesting at one point that anyone who talks to Trump should keep scrupulous notes because the President will probably lie about the conversation later), and so we got this:


Yes, “total and complete vindication,” in that way where “total and complete vindication” means that every single investigation will proceed and everyone now knows the intimate details of an attempt to effectively extort an FBI Director.

And “WOW” Comey is a leaker!” Imagine that! It turns out it was Comey who leaked the memo to the NY Times! Of course considering the fact that Comey was the one who wrote the memo, one certainly wonders who the fuck else Trump imagined leaked it.

Anyway, Trump also sent one more tweet on Friday which speaks for itself:


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2 thoughts on “Trump Says “Totally Vindicated” By FBI Director Calling Him Unhinged Liar, Thanks Fox

  1. Ok, goofball is now officially past his good until date, which was really Nov. 7, 2016. He has no idea want kind of sh*t storm is coming and of course he won’t stop digging as the hole get deeper and deeper. Sorry, goofball supporters your guy isn’t smart enough to know when to shut-up and when to say anything that would help our country. It is all about his undying love for (wait for it)……. not you his supporters (you really are a bunch of rubes (look it up)) but “the donald and his brood” (no, that is not a rock band). This is going to end badly for all of us…..

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