Amid Summer Stock Storm, A Dove Yawns

Amid Summer Stock Storm, A Dove Yawns

Barring some kind of truly dramatic, nightmarish spiral in risk assets on Monday and Tuesday, the September Fed meeting is likely to center primarily around reinforcing the message from Jerome Powell's average inflation targeting (AIT) unveil. The abrupt nature of the recent selloff in US equities (which, on the Nasdaq, was on par with March in terms of velocity, although not yet depth), prompted some discussion about the prospect of the Fed rolling out state-dependent forward guidance and/or t
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2 thoughts on “Amid Summer Stock Storm, A Dove Yawns

  1. This is Sunday and a Hypothetical question comes to mind……What would this landscape we are living have looked like at this point in time were the Corona Virus not part of the equation ??? It seems the Virus has created a convenient opportunity to launch Social as well as Economic changes of a High Magnitude that probably could not have been attempted for at least another decade .. Today we find ourselves in the process of testing MMT where six months prior it was a fledgling theory most American s were hardly aware of… The same goes for many aspects of the Political spectrum involving Race Relations and limits on Central Government Powers and the status of Financial equality in our Society… Sometime change is good but the Mechanism required to bring them about can be quite Destructive as History has taught us on repeated occasions. Just pondering it is after all Sunday !!

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