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Requiem For 2018: A Visual Retrospective

At least we know what 2019's consensus longs are.

At least we know what 2019's consensus longs are.
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6 comments on “Requiem For 2018: A Visual Retrospective

  1. Widespread pessimism often is a contrarian indicator. “Often” is the operative word. With Trump at the helm, 2019 is looking like the year the over-levered debt-fueled global economy finally finds its iceberg.

  2. Put volume on inverses is unusually high. Something is afoot in the short-term.

  3. Franceska

    I tried to put wheel and wall as ticker. The chart suggested Wheels India Ltd and Wall Street Finance Ltd, both from India. Maybe a sign? The NIFTY50 didn’t perform so badly compared to Europe & US.

    The Dax commonly used includes dividends, it’s a total return index. The dax calculated as other indexes made even worse than -18%, it made -21%.
    This vs Italian benchmark FTSEMIB40 at -16%. It says a lot about that 2018.

  4. Maybe he is foreshadowing a moving wall scenario.

  5. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    Paddy wagons have wheels. Insane asylums have walls.

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