Trump, ‘National Hero’, Rings In New Year By Acting Like A Crazy Tweaker

Donald Trump spent New Year's Eve day bombarding America with tweets, and in keeping with recent precedent, most of them were beyond parody. Trump long ago crossed the threshold beyond which satire is rendered null and void. It isn't possible to lampoon him in terms that are additive from a comedic value perspective. For instance, while tweeting about Syria on Monday, he called himself a national hero while speaking in the third person. To wit: If anybody but Donald Trump did what I did in Sy

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7 thoughts on “Trump, ‘National Hero’, Rings In New Year By Acting Like A Crazy Tweaker

  1. I think Mueller is playing a game of “hangman” with our “Tweeter In Chief”, slow, steady pressure.
    T-Rump will “tweet” himself onto Shutter Island.

  2. trump’s demand for money for his ridiculous wall and not getting it — then shut down government until he gets what he wants, refusing payroll and other costs to run this country. For instance, one example would be a contractor who is owed payment from USA and cannot be paid and therefore he cannot pay his own employees, which could result in him being sued for failure to pay.

    Why isn’t this mess trump has created for about a million people who work for the government – not to mention all of our taxpayer’s money will be wasted fighting lawsuits etc. – not considered the crime of blackmail? How is it possibly legal for this hero to do such a thing to this country – doesn’t shutting down the government require some sort of vote by Congress? WTF?

  3. “doesn’t shutting down the government require some sort of vote by Congress?”

    The Congress has the power to reopen the government without Trump’s approval. The Senate recently passed a spending bill (by a unanimous vote) that would have funded the government without wall funding. The newly elected Democratic House would gladly pass this same bill. If Trump refused to sign it, the Senate could simply override his veto by a 2/3 vote. However, Mitch McConnell appears to be unwilling to bring such a bill to a vote.

    By refusing to bring forward any bills that Trump won’t sign, McConnell is tacitly supporting Trump and will be every bit as responsible for the continuation of the shutdown after the House passes a spending bill on Thursday.

  4. If only his “base” would finally say no through approval ratings (of course they would be called fake news) could we possibly see if he really is totally insane or just stupid, clueless, and senile but how he would respond. Let’s hope he would change the error of his ways. But will his base finally say enough? The last few weeks suggest enough will buy we may not be dealing with the most rational people sadly.

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