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On John Kelly’s Disturbing Exit Interview With The LA Times

"Why can’t we do it this way?"

"Why can’t we do it this way?"
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8 comments on “On John Kelly’s Disturbing Exit Interview With The LA Times

  1. Yes, stupidity — his and theirs.

  2. I don’t think this Trump Presidency happened in a vacuum . It seems to me there are underlying causes for this type of anomaly and will be a subject for historians in years to come .. Any theories anyone??

  3. Try this one on. This country has never stopped fighting the civil war and we’re heading towards open hostlities again. I suspect it will be racially motivated but really a left vs.right thing. Logical, since the embers have been fanned by neo-liberals (read capitalists) since the turn of the 20th century and shifted into overdrive in 1968. The only remaining question is which side shall the government fall. I fear the likely answers.

  4. Calling Trump’s despotic, anti-democratic and law-flauting leanings “stupidity” is being too generous. Sadly, there are no ‘Adults’ left in the room.

  5. I am a conservative and every day I wonder how he became president. He is NOT a conservative. Every day I fear he will do something else that weakens the country. Bannon wanted to destroy the repub party and he has achieved it. I think a lot of us will support a primary challenge or a reasonable dem or at last resort staying home before we vote for this person. Seriously how could this person be president. Pres Obama looks great compared to Trump and I was not a fan of Pres Obama’s. At least he was deserving of the office. I honestly do not believe Trump is.

    • monkfelonious

      OK Anonymouse, did you vote for the Orange One? If you did, then you are complicit and snuffling about it is really all you have to offer.

    • The largest political party in the 2016 cycle were the 100 million who did NOT vote.
      The real problem is integrity / trust.

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