Introducing ‘BUTT’ Or ‘Uranium!’

Stop and read that last quote again. “We can actually buy uranium cheaper than we can produce it.”


Check Back Tomorrow.

Thursday is now the “big day.”


It’s Friday the 13th…

‘I Really Thought China Would Collapse. What Am I Doing With My Life?’

“None more so than the Chinese Yuan. Although most hedgies were all betting on a massive decline, the Yuan has been strengthening like Lance Armstrong after visiting his bio-chemist.”

Orange Juice Skyrockets, Cotton Surges As Cat. 5 Irma Threatens Crops

Well, now that Hurricane Irma has become a Category 5 storm and remains on track to make landfall in the U.S. later this week, folks are getting worried about the impact it could have on crops.

And nowhere is that more apparent than in frozen orange juice futures…

Holiday Road.

“Well, that’s nothing to be proud of, Rusty…. 50 yaaaards.”

The Great Flood

Although I can’t imagine why…

Rice Futures Hit 22-Month High As Uncle Ben Says ‘I Told You So’

“What may be driving the market the most is if you look at the hurricane center’s track for what is left of Harvey, it puts it right in the middle of Delta rice country.”

‘Game: Blouses’

“It wasn’t even like it was close”…

‘Party On Wayne.’ What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

“To be clear, the reason ‘what can possibly go wrong?’ has become such a ubiquitous phrase these days has a lot to do with the fact that this has all become one trade.” 

Iron Ore Soars As China Construction Gauge ‘Booms To Enhance The High’

“Construction industry boom to enhance the high.”

5 Tail Risks That Could ‘Spoil The Party’ & Why One Bank ‘Stopped Worrying’

“We continue to stand by the message that a window of opportunity remains open”…

‘I Come Back To You Now’: Kolanovic Returns, Everyone Panics

“…at the turn of the tide.”

A Dovish Fed Day In Charts

So “dovish” it was, or at least “dovish” was the market’s read on the Fed statement. The language on the outlook for inflation was timid and “relatively soon” on the balance sheet gives them an out if they end up needing it. “The post-meeting statement noted that the Committee expects to begin balance sheet normalization…

Stocks Touch Record Highs: Full Wednesday Visual Recap

“So much winning, you’re going to get tired of winning”…