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One Trader Asks: ‘Who’s Buying Gold?’

"I’ll warn you right off the bat"...

"I’ll warn you right off the bat"...
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3 comments on “One Trader Asks: ‘Who’s Buying Gold?’

  1. A few years ago, so many thought gold would be replaced by cryptocurrencies. I think the recent foibles in crypto have helped gold a lot.

  2. The total US debt is now over 22 Trillion. How much higher does it have to get to reach the point where every cent taken in from taxes, license fees etc. will go to paying the interest on the debt? How are they going to run the country? MMT here we come. Yeah, I can see why gold and silver are still deemed to be precious metals and why central banks and countries are loading up.

  3. I kinda wish this guy would get excited about a booming economy instead. But that’s not considered a sales pitch from anyone but a con man these days.


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