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Of Truces, Cartel Meetings And Jobs: Full Week Ahead Preview

Strap in for a full docket.

Strap in for a full docket.
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3 comments on “Of Truces, Cartel Meetings And Jobs: Full Week Ahead Preview

  1. Global markets face far more significant obstacles to growth than USA China trade issues. An intriguing time variable involves dissipation of this obsession. The overriding concern rests in the simple observation that this “recovery ” has no legs. Is it a quadrapelegic recovery? Watch and see when Japan and Europe, who have run out of bonds start to normalize. And forget Powell, with more GDP growth in the 30s than in the past ten years here, how does the Fed have any credibility anyway? That is just as messed up a conceptual modality as the one that elected Trump. And how long do you get stability when a sixth grader is POTUS? There has not been a modicum of structural reform anywhere. Is everyone ok with that? Ray Dalio is trying to say it nicely. Is anyone listening?

  2. Is there a reason you stopped including the actual calendar summary in these “week ahead” posts?

    • Mebbe “Heisenberg” is like Dread Pirate Roberts or Bagehot for the Economist. Maybe it is just a title shared between people, and the new guy ditched the calendar and refuses to contribute to Seeking Alpha anymore…

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