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Buckle Up, We Need You: Full Week Ahead Preview

This should be interesting.

This should be interesting.
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3 comments on “Buckle Up, We Need You: Full Week Ahead Preview

  1. Maybe there is a counterpoint to the bond bear. The only reason people don’t entertain a repeat of the 2014 scenario relates to an excessively rosy characterization of”synchronized global growth”. The current numbers really don’t support that. The answer is that ebullient numbers are coming. That is what GE said. And if all of this is true, why are specific Asian equities so cheap along with associated corporates? So would efficient reallocation out of various ETFs here coincident with nonhurricane growth numbers change perception? I think so.

  2. I’ve got a suggestion for all those management morons sitting in our White House seats — shutting down the government should mean they don’t get paid – in fact, the support staff across the nation that needs the income to take care of their families and life requirements like food, auto, elderly parents/siblings, rent/mtg, healthcare, etc – those are the ones who should get the uninterrupted paychecks!

    Those arrogant pompous asses who just yak and blame each other and refuse to do their jobs – are causing the entire problem and not suffering in any way from their own incompetence! Perhaps they would be better motivated with no income! Just think how much money that would amount to! Fucking assholes, every damn one of them!

    Someone needs to turn off the stupid outgoing message on the phone line! That new commercial Chief Assface has developed is insane, horrible and really disgusting. And his deplorable antics are dragging all the rest of them down to his level, to behave just like him! What a disgrace our government is now!

    The Powers of The President needs a lot of tweaking!

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