What Matters

What Matters

Markets are plagued (figuratively and literally) with ominous headlines around a second COVID wave. France on Tuesday reported 33,417 new cases and 523 deaths in 24 hours. It was the latest sign that the country has lost its grip on the situation and came as French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin cautioned that the government is pondering "difficult decisions" when it comes to next steps for containment. A spokesman for the government characterized the infection rate as "exponential." The UK
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One thought on “What Matters

  1. The 30yr is next to get back under the 200DMA where it belongs. Both the 10 and the 30 were getting all lathered up like there was a run coming. No way rates are going to keep going up now or any time soon. …bankruptcies haven’t really started yet. We have a good six month of economic hell left in front of us. Maybe the bottom happens in March/April. What a disaster.

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