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This Means War.

Thursday went swimmingly.

Thursday went swimmingly.
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9 comments on “This Means War.

  1. Big Stevie

    Thanks H! Terrific info.

    As history shows, trade wars have never worked. Currency wars have never worked.

    Currency debasement and profligate spending never end well. Neither do massive debt bubbles – especially when these things are combined.

    So the VSG (very stable genius) is going to MAGA (make America great again) by detonating the BFUB (big fat ugly bubble). I believe we are FUBAR…

  2. Anonymous

    Saying Jean-Claude is “pissed” requires clarification. He likes cognac for breakfast. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/eu/10929427/Fears-over-Jean-Claude-Junckers-drinking.html

  3. What an idiot. At least do it quietly and not announce it publicly and let it sink in over time and other countries “catch on” over time. Talk about conveying to the enemy our moves. WTF? Dotard!

  4. Clown president. LMAO

  5. Anonymous

    H, two months ago you were bemoaning dollar being devalued (trumps fault you said) now your whining about free trade. Trump is right– we need fair trade in combo with free trade!

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