‘Oh, My God’: Full Week Ahead Preview

Plenty to fret about (and laugh at).


Never A Dull Moment.

If this were a reality TV show, the ratings would indeed be “tremendous”.

The 3 ‘T’s: Full Week Ahead Preview

In essence, the same things everyone was watching last week (e.g. tech, trade, Trump) will be in focus again…

This Means War.

Thursday went swimmingly.

As The Rally Steams Ahead, How Worried Should You Be About NAFTA And Trade Wars?

As we saw this week, they’re not so good at being subtle. 

DACA Schoen: Full Week Ahead Preview

All eyes on (geo)politics. And Canada. Of course.

Cities Upon Hills And Castles In The Sky.

Thank God it’s Friday.

Chinese Checkers.

Headlines aplenty.

Thanks A Lot: Full Week Ahead Preview

Holiday road.


“…or what counts as ‘fireworks.'”

The Great Flood

Although I can’t imagine why…

As Peso Slides, Mexico Reminds Trump: ‘We’re Not Paying For That Wall Under Any Circumstances’

On the bright side…

Friday Humor (“Trump’d”)


Daily Kickstart (Japan Battles Bond Markets, Mexico/Turkey Battle FX Traders, May Meets W/Trump)

As is rapidly becoming custom, we start with FX markets, where the USDJPY rose again, recapturing a 115 handle following the BoJ’s 10th bond buying operation of the month. If we hit 116, the dollar rally could gather some momentum “as the market seems to be short vol above that level,” one European trader told…

Why I Fully Support Trump’s Border Wall

I’ve gotten a lot of mail lately regarding my perceived aversion to Donald Trump’s agenda and while I initially brushed off the criticism, I had an epiphany last night.
Yes indeed, I had a “come to Jesus” moment and as of Wednesday afternoon I fully support this “big, beautiful” wall. Let me tell you why…