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Trump Strikes Trade Deal With Mexico, Renames NAFTA

"We'll get rid of the Nafta name."

"We'll get rid of the Nafta name."
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2 comments on “Trump Strikes Trade Deal With Mexico, Renames NAFTA

  1. So, a new name for this pending agreement. . . U.S. and Mexico — where does Canada fit into that new name? He is seriously a total fool and is also an idiot for not knowing it.

    He had to have someone come into the scene and push a button for him?

  2. Steve Evans

    It looks like Canada is being pushed out. . .the existing NAFTA requires 62 per cent of autos to be made in the three; the Mexico-US requires 75 per cent in Mexico and the US.

    “Canada is currently the ninth-largest auto producer in the world, and fourth largest auto exporter by value, producing 2.4 million vehicles and exporting $48.8 billion worth of vehicles in 2016. Canada’s highest rankings ever was second largest producer in the world between 1918 and 1923 and third after World War II.” – Wiki

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