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‘This Is Driven By The Mood Swings Of A Single Man’: One Bank Marvels At ‘Total, Trumpian Uncertainty’

"Trumpian uncertainty is total uncertainty."

"Trumpian uncertainty is total uncertainty."
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5 comments on “‘This Is Driven By The Mood Swings Of A Single Man’: One Bank Marvels At ‘Total, Trumpian Uncertainty’

  1. The glaring contradictions have to be continuously brought to light. Every day. They have to be pounded into the brains of the poorly educated.

  2. Anonymous


  3. It is even simpler than we think !!!…He (Mr Genius) stacks events that create a market rally on a shelf…A sort of kinetic energy source for the times when underestimating or miscalculating a market draw down has occurred.. The easiest guaranteed source of predictable bullish equity action is undoing some stupidity that has measurable impact based on its impact in the opposite direction earlier. In other words the rock can be assumed to drop about as high as you threw it.. THIS THEORY IS DANGEROUS AND UNPREDICTABLE… Try it in real life at your own risk…lol

  4. Mt Math

    From “The Art of the Deal” the ‘great negotiator’ thinks unpredictability is his greatest asset. Maybe it is, as he doesn’t have many others.

    Also, if he can start a ‘Tariff War’ to distract everyone from the rumbling Impeachment calls (there, I said the ‘I’ word) and Congressional Committee investigations, he’s accomplished something. As Winston Churchill famously said, (I paraphrase) “talk, talk is better than shoot, shoot.”

    This Mexican tariff debacle that could have cost American workers 400,000 jobs and companies HUGE pain, while incredibly wrong-headed, was a better distraction than starting a ‘shooting war’ with Iran or starting a Tariff War against another key ally, Australia.

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