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‘Tariff Man’ Announces Duties On All Goods From Mexico Starting June 10th

"On June 10th, the United States will impose a 5% Tariff on all goods coming into our Country from Mexico."

"On June 10th, the United States will impose a 5% Tariff on all goods coming into our Country from Mexico."
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12 comments on “‘Tariff Man’ Announces Duties On All Goods From Mexico Starting June 10th

  1. Richard Symms

    Worst President Ever is looking like he is anti-business and maybe anti-American or maybe he is just so stupid it hurts to just hear or see his name.

  2. He’s just creating his image of the Bully, the one with the largest dick in town. Because he knows that’s whats the american voter wants. Maybe thats hard to hear if you are american, but otherwise… he wouldn’t had win the first elections in a first place.

  3. i am very tired of tariff man… that one of the avengers or x-men characters? or maybe guardians of the southern border?

  4. Worst. President. Ever. He’s going down like the Hindenburg in 2020.

  5. Captain Karl

    Can we expect any other but a horrendous outcome? We are led by a narcicistic sociopath who has appointed a bunch of second string grifters to run the country, all supported by a greek chorus of morally bereft republican senators and congressman. I don’t how or when it will all fall apart but it will. The real question remains: is the damage to our republic irreparable.

  6. How can the American people and businesses accept to be led by this bully?

  7. People are gonna stop laughing about 1929 redux if this simian Babyman grifter dipshit isn’t fettered by sane, honorable, actual patriots of all persuasions: America needs to put a dog collar on him and tie him to a mirror. I actually believe that the redoubtable and indomitable Speaker Pelosi has a lot to do with this – I think she’s driven his myriad deformities and degenerate mental monstrosities beyond the confines of his copious psychopharmaceutical guardrails. He’s dangerous now – not because he’s a nihilistic ego ouroboros but because he’s a literal psychological child in perpetual tantrum, now.

    • You’re blaming Pelosi for this shitshow?

      • Quite to the contrary, as the context should denote clearly. She’s a fucking awesome and faaaar superior politician/patriot/human being than Scummo: it’s because she’s kicking his greasy, fat, lazy, incompetent, perfidious ass in such plenary splendor that even his his degeneracy is degenerating; bc Speaker Pelosi has bitch-slapped him at every turn.

  8. How is he so bad at this?! Being a human being I mean. Just…. everything….. Never has nastiness been so stupid and stupidity been so nasty. At this rate he’s going to lose the support of the rich white men then he’s fucked.

  9. The two things I feared most when he took office was a trade war leading to war or just an outright nuclear war. It looks like my fears were correct. We are in a trade war now, with China, Mexico, Canada, and the EU. Japan is just off in the horizon. The Japanese tried to placate him but that will eventually fail. Impeachment is a very unlikely but not impossible solution. The best solution will be at the ballot box in November 2020, but that is not going to be so easy. He has stirred up the hoi poloi and it is not going to be that easy to squeeze the toothpaste back into the tube. Oy veh.

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