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America The ‘Unreliable Entity’ Prompts China To Establish Corporate Blacklist, Rare Earths Plan Said Ready

Witness the spiraling nature of conflict.

Witness the spiraling nature of conflict.
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5 comments on “America The ‘Unreliable Entity’ Prompts China To Establish Corporate Blacklist, Rare Earths Plan Said Ready

  1. Anonymous

    We have seen China cornering the market on various materials for two decades. Eventually they were going to play that card. Better now than later. We are cornering technology and innovation. Pretty sure that is not the same. One is anti-competitive and the other is claiming market share on free choice and fair competition. Better the US have the backbone now to get this on the table rather than when they corner the market on oil or something that would be much more painful.

    • Harvey Darrow Cotton

      I would slow your roll on the America rah rah stuff. We are importing finished manufactured goods from China, and exporting soybeans, cotton, copper, and corn. We are the debt-fueled deficit country, and China is sitting on a mountain of Treasuries and cash reserves.

    • So what do you suppose the simultaneous attempt a destabilizing Venezuela, Iran , Libya,and Syria as well as beating on the Germans over the Russian North sea Pipeline is all about anyway? Seems this is a do it now or never issue for the US…It may well prompt radical actions by either party…This game ain’t just about Trump and his irrational base….it’s about crowd control and hyping up a Domestic base for some Ungodly reason. Welcome to the world of Geopolitics!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    The ‘stable genius’ Tariff Man is neither stable nor a genius. If he’d waited before the Tariff attack on Mexico, the Mexican Senate likely would have signed the USMCA. Now, who knows?

    It has been surmised Trump didn’t want a trade war on two fronts, so he sent Mike Pence to Canada to expedite Canada’s signing. The he attacks Mexico and possibly undoes all the good work Robert Lighthizer spent months achieving. With Trump as America’s ‘friend’ who needs enemies

  3. Well Mitch, let’s see how much more trouble can the “really big brain” get the US (and the Republicans in particular) into? It doesn’t appear that he’s figured out that the American consumers are paying the tariff costs and now we’re adding in all the products arriving from Mexico which includes a lot of food and autos. A lot of products have already increased in cost without much fuss and certainly nothing from the people monitoring costs and figuring out if inflation is creeping in? Heaven forbid the real inflation numbers be revealed to the populous. I think they will figure it out eventually. And for the Republicans that would not be a good thing. Would it Mitch? Would a loss of supply of rare earths be a problem Mitch? The markets are getting nervous. Is there a point at which he goes too far?

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