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The Gun’s Not Loaded!

"Stirred, in a half-carafe."

"Stirred, in a half-carafe."
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7 comments on “The Gun’s Not Loaded!

  1. can anyone explain to me how/why trump takes all this as a compliment to him, that he alone carries the weight of the world…. rough morning and I am now out of popcorn.

  2. Fantastic clip. It really was like imagining what it must be like sitting inside the White House, except with a black person at the table.

    • hmmm, seems like a strange, maybe sly comment so I am not real sure what is your intent – or are you too chicken to say it straight out? If you think trump would not fit into that vulgar nasty little group, you are wrong, those ARE his people. I will just leave it there. If I am reading you wrong, feel free to correct me or explain – I mean no harm.

      • Same here. Never saw that movie but felt that it really captures the Trump-Mnuchin dynamic over jawboning the $ and having no clue about the consequences. I was also just making a dumb joke that Trump only has a few token black people in his circle, but none of them in any sort of meaningful role (except maybe to be ridiculed and accidentally shot).

        • valid point on missing black people – well, other than that ridiculous Ben Carson, who I cannot imagine anyone being proud to have him represent them! So much evidence of trump’s racist attitudes that are so much a part of his soul that he cannot even understand they are racist beliefs and behaviors! Yep, the least racist person we will ever know, he says! clueless twit.

          I tell you who impresses me right now – Democrat Cory Booker. I think he is really smart – Yale Law School, former mayor Newark, age 49 perfect!

          Ok, check this out — https://www.theroot.com/10-black-republicans-youll-likely-see-working-for-the-t-1790868615

          Published Nov 2016, after he won the election and these people were likely to work under him — 10 names and faces – how many have you seen there so far? Even that lunatic Omarosa was a flash in the pan and I really don’t know what she was doing there!

          • Yeah — I’m familiar with Booker since I live in Philly. He’s great. Don’t know anyone on that Trump list except nutty Omarosa who was thrown out. I’ll never understand how minority people can support Trump — it’s the one thing more mystifying than why any poor people support him.

  3. Heisy, I died laughing reading your 10Y yield discussion above. Brilliant. There’s really nothing else to say any more, is there.

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