By Kevin Muir of “The Macro Tourist” fame; reposted here with permission $11,589.01. That’s the US dollar amount of American stocks the Swiss National Bank owns on behalf of every man, woman and child in Switzerland. Let that sink in. A Central Bank has taken on itself to expand its balance sheet and invest in the proceeds, not in gold, nor sovereign debt - heck not even in corporate bonds. Nope, the SNB has taken it upon itself to “invest” that money in another country’s most risk
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9 thoughts on “$11,589.01.

  1. And don’t you wish that like the SNB you could simply create money electronically with which to buy stocks? (which of course the SNB is doing to keep pace with competitive currency devaluations elsewhere). The greatest example of financial alchemy in human history. This is the place that big governments and their market interventions have brought us, sigh. Wait until more central banks are doing the same, thus creating bidding wars for limited assets & stocks by central banks in possession of unlimited digital money; causing parabolic markets while currencies get flushed. Financial reset ahead?

    1. Financial reset ahead? Or……Bust~ How much longer can we continue this overvaluation? VIX screaming ‘YIKES’ history saying WTF and it actually knows what wtf means. Wow I’m at a lost.
      Not liking what I’m seeing or hearing and I’m deaf and almost blind. But still can still see the glitter of hand held gold. Hey now that’s a novel idea.

  2. Kevin Muir is on a roll lately. Love his genius ability to make disturbing financial facts even more disturbing. Brilliant commentary. Glad you’ve been reposting these.

    1. yes per my comment above, second line. they used to buy euros (to support the peg) before that predictably broke in a fustercluck three yrs ago.

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