Christmas Hangover.

Christmas Hangover.

As expected, Tuesday was a largely pointless day as markets lazily reopened after the holidays.   Trump got America off to a positive start by tweeting this: The only way that could be any sillier is if he screwed up and tweeted to a fake, non-verified Fox & Friends account where the word "friends" was spelled with an "l" instead of an "i". Oh, wait. He did.   Tech underperformed as Apple fell on reports of lackluster demand for the iPhone X: For whatever it's worth, Ro
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5 thoughts on “Christmas Hangover.

  1. Anyone who read that dossier clearly sees the connections that Mueller has already made — only his foolish cult following believes anything that comes out of his mouth.

    Using the office of president as his podium to spread bogus accusations to discredit reputations, the lies and slander he spreads about the people who have spent their lives dedicated to safeguarding all of us and protecting our country, is as low as any human can go. He does it because he is 100% guilty and is clawing at walls closing in on him. Any of his rich friends who know what he is doing and still support or celebrate with him are his equal.

    Know one thing for sure, there are more of us who will not tolerate what he has done and continues to do to our country and we are the ones who will elect the people who will change this government!

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