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Holiday Road.

"Well, that's nothing to be proud of, Rusty.... 50 yaaaards."

We're headed into the holiday weekend in the U.S., a weekend during which Americans will all get drunk and try to forget about the fact that President Clark Griswold is about to drive the country completely off a desert road, only to turn around and brag to Rusty about how far off track he's gotten us. "Wow Mr. President you must have jumped this thing about 50 yards." "Well, that's nothing to be proud of, Rusty.... 50 yaaaards."   Gary Cohn is trying his best to make everyone believe that tax reform is still alive and it now appears that Trump has accepted the fact that holding the government hostage in exchange for border wall money might not be a great idea. Still, the angst is palpable. The jobs report obviously sucked all kinds of ass... ...although if you believe the ISM's gauge of factory employment, there's some #MAGA going on: Stocks did rise as consumer sentiment and manufacturing exuberance were enough to offset the employment report (think: just right for equities with the NFP print slowing the Fed down and the rest of the data suggesting the economy isn't going off a cliff). The Nasdaq closed at a
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