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The Great Flood

Although I can't imagine why...

Although I can't imagine why...
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3 comments on “The Great Flood

  1. Anonymous

    Why the hell is he wearing that stupid hat? That worthless bastard said he was coming to Houston Tuesday and none of us were happy about that! Stay the hell away from us. I guess he decided to change the plan to Corpus Christie as now we hear he and the little woman are going there. With luck he will see enough water and splash his face in enough cameras and then get the hell outta Texas, sparing us, we pray.

    Remember when he made a visit to help on the ground in Baton Rouge? Here is a reminder!

    – Murphy

    p.s. Sprouts was not gonna make it here, regardless of Whole Foods/Amazon.

  2. Anonymous

    Another P.S. and then there was this story … I bet if you check to see if he followed thru on that “donation” the answer would be Hell No – he never does, it’s all talk! and a truck load of supplies — nope, did not do that for sure. He unloaded a few cans of play doh and left. He’s a lying phony pig. Ya’ll know that’s true! And check the date! and see that SS Agent in the sunglasses and plaid shirt – scary looking dude.


    – Murphy

  3. Anonymous

    Time to float some flood bonds.

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