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Inside Steve Bannon’s Quest For World Domination

“The European Union project has failed,” Farage declared. “It is doomed, I’m pleased to say.” “It’s a great accomplishment,” Bannon said. “Congratulations.”

Earlier this week in "'Fuck The Facts!': What Donald Trump Learned From Big Tobacco," I detailed the series of events that coincided with the genesis of the new President's campaign for the White House. As I explained, the events that unfolded in Europe during late 2015 provided the perfect backdrop and allowed Trump's message to resonate more than it otherwise would have with the American electorate. Here's how I explained it: By the time Trump delivered the infamous opening salvo (you know, the “they’re bringing drugs, they’re rapists” speech) of what would ultimately become a successful bid for the White House, it was readily apparent that Russia was about to step into Syria’s then four-year-old civil war. Qassem Soleimani, a shadowy Iranian general known in intelligence circles as one of the most dangerous men on the planet (and the closest thing you’ll find to a real-life version of Kevin Spacey’s Keyser Söze) had recently visited Syria and hinted at “surprises” that could soon change the course of the conflict. Sure enough, in late September, 2015, the Russians began flying combat sorties from Latakia. Moscow’s involvement exacerbated an already h
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