The Austin Powers World.

“There’s real danger but at the same time, the central figures are so laughable that it’s difficult to accept it as reality”…


Monsters Under The Bed.

“To some extent the market’s resilience is justified; in other cases, however, it looks like a case of when rather than if potential shocks get priced in.”

Cartoon Break (What A “Loser”)

Blame it on Obama…

Mario Who?! Presenting A “QE-esque” “Grab-a-thon”

“And yet – in relative terms – these credit market moves are stunning…in fact, QEesque in places.”

Video: Marine Le Pen Does The “Nazi Shuffle” In “Bizarre” Dance Spectacle

At first I thought it was just me…

“Nazi-Be-Gone” Rally Fizzles As Female Hitler Loss Seen Largely Priced In

Ok, so it’s Monday and France didn’t elect a fascist. So we’ve got that going for us. That said it looks like the Street got this one right – it feels like a “sell the news” event pretty much across the board. As documented earlier the euro gave back its knee-jerk to $1.1023 to trade all…

“We’re Still Not As Dumb As Americans!” Sunday Night Satire

“We are smarter than the Americans, true, but they have set the bar very low, no?”

Macron Elected President Of France In Landslide

Like father, like daughter. Crushed.

DB Explains Why Le Pen’s Performance Was “Less Impressive Than The Numbers Suggest”

“The National Front rise is less impressive than these figures suggest.”

Wall Street Weighs In On Macron Win

“And since we believe a Macron presidency has been embedded in market pricing since then, we do not expect his victory in today’s run-off to have a significant impact on markets from tomorrow.”

Barclays Tells You What To Expect If Macron Wins

Assuming Macron does indeed carry the day, here are the two possible scenarios and what to expect, according to Barclays…

#MACRONLEAKS Tied To RT-, Sputnik-Linked Twitter Accounts, Alt-Right “Jack”Ass

“DFRLab tracked the onset of the campaign to the Twitter account of Jack Posobiec. They also include @Languillem, which in March was the most active amplifier of Kremlin outlets RT and Sputnik in French, as the DFRLab has reported.”

2 Charts Show How Confident The Market Is In Sunday’s “Sure Thing”

There are a number of different visuals you can look at to see how confident this market truly is, but one of the most straightforward ways to assess the situation is simply to look at…

The World Is Going Batshit Crazy – Thoughts Ahead Of A Big Weekend

“While it’s impossible to say which manifestation of populism anno 2017 will be the catalyst for events that will ultimately mark a dubious chapter in the history books, you can be certain that if the world keeps going down this road, something will eventually go terribly, terribly wrong.”

Guest Post: Another FU?

“The market is way too cavalier about this weekend’s election. In modern history, there has never been a French election without one of the two main parties being in the second round. This is unprecedented. If someone tells you they know how the French electorate will behave, they are deluding themselves.”