Macron Elected President Of France In Landslide

“Like father, like daughter.” 


Do note it was a foregone conclusion that Le Pen would put up a better showing than her father did when he advanced to the runoff.

But Marine was expecting a much better result than this. By all accounts, her camp was anticipating a showing in the 40s.

  • Macron wins 65.9% of vote, Le Pen 34.1%: Elabe
  • Macron wins 65.5% of vote, Le Pen 34.5%: Ifop
  • Macron wins 65.1% of vote, Le Pen 34.9%: Ipsos
  • Macron wins 65.5% of vote, Le Pen 34.5%: Kantar



Axios is calling it a “landslide,” to wit:

Exit polls from France show Macron landslide

Voting in the French presidential runoff will end at 2pm ET, and we’ll know who won almost immediately.
Centre-left frontrunner Emmanuel Macron appears on course for a comfortable victory – exit polls showed him with 60-66% of the vote – but supporters of right-wing nationalist Marine Le Pen are holding out hopes of an upset.
Turnout question: turnout is down from previous years, which would normally help a candidate with more hard core support like Len Pen. However, the highest abstention rates appear to be among those that voted for Melanchon and Fillon, the far-left and conservative candidates, two groups that Le Pen hoped to pull from in the runoff.
Media melee: The Le Pen camp is turning away reporters from her election night event, and other outlets are now saying they’ll boycott in solidarity.


Take this with however many grains of salt you like to sprinkle on your well-done “Le-Nazi” steak, but according to Belgian media, Emmanuel Macron is well on his way to defeating Marine Le Pen in what is without question the most important scheduled political event of 2017.

Assuming this is accurate and it holds, we’ll be able to say “like father, like daughter” here in a couple of hours.

The final turnout is projected to reach ~75%, according to figures provided by five pollsters.

  • Ifop estimate 75%
  • Elabe estimate 74%
  • Harris estimate 73%
  • Ipsos sees abstention at 26%
  • Kantar sees abstention at 26%


According to a source from the French Ministry of the Interior which aggregates the results of several institutes of opinion polling and opinion poll, the candidate of En Marche! Emmanuel Macron is clearly in the lead: he would get 62.5% of the votes.

These are only estimates: the ballot is obviously not over. The polling stations will close at 7 pm (8 pm in the big cities), but at present it seems that En Marche’s candidate will become the new French president.

Moreover, official figure provided by the French Ministry of the Interior, the participation rate at 17 hours is 65.30%

And from Reuters

More than 60 percent of voters have cast or were planning to cast their ballots in French presidential elections for Emmanuel Macron according to surveys carried out on Sunday, Belgian media said.

“According to three different institutes, Emmanuel Macron would be first in the presidential election with a result above 60 percent,” Le Soir newspaper said.

Belgian public broadcaster RTBF said polls put Macron’s share of the vote at between 62 and 64 percent. His rival is nationalist Marine Le Pen.

The information could not be verified by Reuters. Pollsters are not allowed under French law to publish polls before voting closes at 8 p.m. (1800 GMT), when the first officials estimates are expected.


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