One Trader Wants To Know Why You’re Still Short Sterling; Goldman Answers

“When will the doom-mongers just admit they were wrong, rather than constantly revising their Armageddon dates? “


“What Blizzard? It’s A Couple Of Flakes”: Markets In Cryosleep Ahead Of Snow, Fed, Geert

Welcome to day 2 of 2 in the pre-Fed, pre-Dutch election market cryosleep. Overnight we got some econ data out of China that looks good right up until it doesn’t. Here are the numbers: CHINA JAN.-FEB. FIXED INVESTMENT RISES 8.9% Y/Y; EST 8.3% CHINA JAN.-FEB. INDUSTRIAL OUTPUT RISES 6.3% Y/Y; EST 6.2% CHINA JAN.-FEB. RETAIL…

The First Week Of The Rest Of Your Life

Welcome to the first week of the rest of your life. By now you all know what’s coming and if you don’t, well, you can review the HR weekend reading or you can simply scan the short version here. Overnight, the action found the dollar adrift (although it did bounce a bit later in the…