One Trader Wants To Know Why You’re Still Short Sterling; Goldman Answers

“When will the doom-mongers just admit they were wrong, rather than constantly revising their Armageddon dates? “


“What Blizzard? It’s A Couple Of Flakes”: Markets In Cryosleep Ahead Of Snow, Fed, Geert

Welcome to day 2 of 2 in the pre-Fed, pre-Dutch election market cryosleep. Overnight we got some econ data out of China that looks good right up until it doesn’t. Here are the numbers: CHINA JAN.-FEB. FIXED INVESTMENT RISES 8.9% Y/Y; EST 8.3% CHINA JAN.-FEB. INDUSTRIAL OUTPUT RISES 6.3% Y/Y; EST 6.2% CHINA JAN.-FEB. RETAIL…

The First Week Of The Rest Of Your Life

Welcome to the first week of the rest of your life. By now you all know what’s coming and if you don’t, well, you can review the HR weekend reading or you can simply scan the short version here. Overnight, the action found the dollar adrift (although it did bounce a bit later in the…

Inside Steve Bannon’s Quest For World Domination

“The European Union project has failed,” Farage declared. “It is doomed, I’m pleased to say.” “It’s a great accomplishment,” Bannon said. “Congratulations.”

“What Are Your Biggest Concerns?” Bank Of America’s Clients Respond

Those who frequent these hallowed pages are well aware that when it comes to event risk, it’s all about geopolitics these days. As you’re also well aware, the Heisenberg raison d’être (if you will) is to help investors connect the dots between politics, macro, and markets. I’ve said from day one that asset prices will become…

The Market Hates It: British Pound “Pounded” As Brexit Reality Sets In

You can talk all you want about how the world needs a clean break with the established order and how populism and nationalism will represent a return to some bygone era of pride and prosperity, but the market hates it. Every single last bit of it.

More Wednesday Humor (“Brexiteers”)

“He’s lying to you”…

Where Liberals Screwed Up

Perhaps trying to frighten voters away from the populist cause by referencing dire economic consequences isn’t the best way to go about things when there are plenty of other common sense arguments for preserving a progressive agenda and for cultivating multiculturalism.

“Fertile Ground For Conspiracies And Revolutions”

Whether or not we, as a society, can overcome the temptation to surrender our future to a succession of demagogues remains to be seen. And indeed we may be but one tragedy away from seeing the momentum turn irreversibly in favor of politicians who seek to capitalize on fear and intolerance.

How The Alt-Right Blogosphere Is Destroying Society

Unconcerned with the real-world ramifications of their disingenuous online banter, they revel in the fact that they can exploit uneducated readers, conspiracy theorists, and those who generally lack critical thinking skills for their own personal gain

Dear Nigel…

Good luck Britain…