Deutsche Bank’s Kocic Delivers Stark Warning: Beware Populist “Buyer’s Remorse”

“The initial embrace of populism has gained traction based largely on a belief that political disruption, as a mode of change, deserves the same status that creative destruction used to have in the post industrial era with resulting political entropy becoming one of the main sources of market volatility.”


Your Ultimate Visual Guide To Angry Politics

On Saturday, I brought you “3 Dramatic Charts Show The ‘Collapse’ Of Global Political Order.” Essentially, that post threw into stark relief the result of growing voter angst in a world where the middle class increasingly believes that globalization has created more losers than winners in Western democracies. As Barclays notes, “a cross-country collapse in the…

Beware The “Politics of Rage”

I’m in the tunnel under Grand Central on the Harlem Line and I’m thinking the same thing I always am as the train starts to creak forward into around nine minutes of uninterrupted darkness that not even Verizon’s LTE can penetrate. “What if one of these didn’t shift correctly?,” I ask myself, looking down out…