Deutsche Bank’s Kocic Delivers Stark Warning: Beware Populist “Buyer’s Remorse”

“The initial embrace of populism has gained traction based largely on a belief that political disruption, as a mode of change, deserves the same status that creative destruction used to have in the post industrial era with resulting political entropy becoming one of the main sources of market volatility.”


Cartoon Break (“Papa Bear”)

Snow White and Rose Red…

Cartoon Break (“Front International”)

This pretty much sums things up…

Goldman: Europe Must Break “Vicious” Cycle, Escape “Populist Trap”

“Europe is caught in a trap. The rise of populism is both a cause and a consequence of this trap.”

Inside Steve Bannon’s Quest For World Domination

“The European Union project has failed,” Farage declared. “It is doomed, I’m pleased to say.” “It’s a great accomplishment,” Bannon said. “Congratulations.”

Your Ultimate Visual Guide To Angry Politics

On Saturday, I brought you “3 Dramatic Charts Show The ‘Collapse’ Of Global Political Order.” Essentially, that post threw into stark relief the result of growing voter angst in a world where the middle class increasingly believes that globalization has created more losers than winners in Western democracies. As Barclays notes, “a cross-country collapse in the…

Exploiting Stupidity: How Populists Prey On The Uneducated

Folks like Le Pen and Trump and Wilders know that the most efficient way to exploit these fears for political gain is to tap those voters who are least likely to push back – i.e. to incite a panic among the uneducated who think that because a woman is wearing a burqa she must also be wearing a suicide vest.

Thinking Globally In A World Gone Mad

One of the themes I harp on quite a lot in these pages is the extent to which populism anno 2017 plays on the fears of those who feel as though the world has left them behind. This notion of the disaffected American factory worker whose job went to cheap labor in China has been…

“They’re Stealing Our Jobs!”: Populism And False Prophets

What they’re really doing is grabbing power for themselves and taking advantage of “the people” who, thanks to a number of factors, are vulnerable to manipulation. They are false prophets.

A Cliffs Notes Guide To Europe’s Electoral Trial By Fire

While it’s certainly tempting to focus squarely on the political upheaval that’s sweeping the United States in the wake of President Trump’s institution of a de facto Muslim ban and the appointment of known bigot Steve Bannon to the National Security Council, investors shouldn’t forget that Europe faces its own political trial by fire this…

Where Liberals Screwed Up

Perhaps trying to frighten voters away from the populist cause by referencing dire economic consequences isn’t the best way to go about things when there are plenty of other common sense arguments for preserving a progressive agenda and for cultivating multiculturalism.

“Fertile Ground For Conspiracies And Revolutions”

Whether or not we, as a society, can overcome the temptation to surrender our future to a succession of demagogues remains to be seen. And indeed we may be but one tragedy away from seeing the momentum turn irreversibly in favor of politicians who seek to capitalize on fear and intolerance.

How The Alt-Right Blogosphere Is Destroying Society

Unconcerned with the real-world ramifications of their disingenuous online banter, they revel in the fact that they can exploit uneducated readers, conspiracy theorists, and those who generally lack critical thinking skills for their own personal gain

Your 2017 Guide To European Political Upheaval

I’ve spent a lot of time brow-beating no one in particular about markets’ apparent lack of preparedness for what could very well turn out to be a series of black swan landings across Europe. The fraught political landscape in the EU has left the door wide open for the ascension of populist candidates hell-bent on whipping…

Beware The “Politics of Rage”

I’m in the tunnel under Grand Central on the Harlem Line and I’m thinking the same thing I always am as the train starts to creak forward into around nine minutes of uninterrupted darkness that not even Verizon’s LTE can penetrate. “What if one of these didn’t shift correctly?,” I ask myself, looking down out…