Your Ultimate Visual Guide To Angry Politics

Your Ultimate Visual Guide To Angry Politics

On Saturday, I brought you "3 Dramatic Charts Show The 'Collapse' Of Global Political Order." Essentially, that post threw into stark relief the result of growing voter angst in a world where the middle class increasingly believes that globalization has created more losers than winners in Western democracies. As Barclays notes, "a cross-country collapse in the political centre of the current scale has not occurred previously [and] reviewing the entire post-WWII period, there is no other simil
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One thought on “Your Ultimate Visual Guide To Angry Politics

  1. One of the primary reasons for the growth of alternative political parties has been the movement of the left of center parties to the right. This is exemplified by Tony Blair’s Third Way and Bill Clinton’s “welfare reform” coupled with financial sector deregulation. The US welfare reform the Clintons achieved reduced cash recipients living below the poverty line by 65%. In Europe the vast majority of the so-called center left parties have adopted the neoliberal economic ideology. That ideology has had its core structural reforms of lower wages, reduced job protections, reduced pensions, and weakened labor unions. In short, it is an ideology designed to exacerbate inequality. Small wonder that the people at the bottom who suffer the most from this have turned to anger and alternative parties.

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