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Your 2017 Guide To European Political Upheaval

I’ve spent a lot of time brow-beating no one in particular about markets’ apparent lack of preparedness for what could
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3 comments on “Your 2017 Guide To European Political Upheaval

  1. The German populace is NOT basically unhappy with their lot. The same cannot be said for the more socialist countries like France, Italy, and the southern countries. What these unhappy countries don’t accept, is that socialism, is the cause of their plight, by limiting growth and productivity.

  2. Curt Tyner

    Trump can’t win not here where people think……….

  3. It makes sense that the recent political events in Europe has left an opening for new parties to come to power. My wife and I have been trying to become much more informed about world events. I think that we should begin looking into the use of political monitoring systems in order to keep an eye on the current situation.

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