Grandma Is In Trouble.

“Today’s post is an important one. I might have put Grandma in the trunk, but the coming struggle between generations is no laughing matter. It very well might end up being the defining theme for financial markets in coming decades.”


Phew, That’s Over – Now Go Get Drunk.

Well, what can you say?

Into The Wild Blue Yonder.

Ok, well there were some notable headlines to start the week…

Here Is What Goldman Sees For The Economy And Fed Hikes In 2018

Crystal ball.

Check Back Tomorrow.

Thursday is now the “big day.”

Fed On Hold: Highlights, Red Line Statement

See you in December.

Why Would You Try To Trade This? Fed Preview

If you really wanted to, you could read something into today’s statement that really isn’t there, but I don’t know why you would try…

Everything But The Kitchen Sink: Full Week Ahead Preview

Well, there’s not a lot going on in the week ahead and by that I mean there’s so much going on that you couldn’t plan for it even if you wanted to.

Super Mario: Full Week Ahead Preview

As usual, the docket is full and the risks are multiplying.

Bloomberg Pleads With Trump: ‘Give Yellen Another Term’

“Investors will ask how this disagreement will be resolved — and how abruptly, if at all, might policy change as a result.”

Trader Warns (Again): The Next Crisis Won’t Be Like The Last One

“Well for me it’s no contest. Slick youtube presentations warning about Danger Ahead (that looks exactly like the Danger Behind!) are like an investor in 2007 warning about tech stocks because the 2000 DotCom crash was still ringing in their head.”

Tailoring Taylor.

“The lesson is clear however”…

The Situation Remains Fluid.

If you were looking for clarity on anything, today was most assuredly not your day.

CPI Misses, Dollar, Yields Fall

CPI rose 0.5% vs est. 0.6%
Ex. food, energy up 0.1% vs est. 0.2%

One Chart Shows All The Ways A Fed Hike Could Create (Fleeting) Bouts Of Volatility

Start from the bottom left…